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Week 16 Update

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Construction at Glasgow Airport Car Park has concluded its sixteenth week, and it’s fair to say the progress is moving along at an excellent rate. The current spend on the project has now reached £973,085.36, and the final layout of the car park is starting to come together.

The installation of the 15-metre lamp posts has been taking place over the past few weeks, a task that has demanded a great deal of expertise. The 29 post bases and cabling are now being mounted onto the foundation blocks which were completed in previous weeks. The team is now levelling the lighting columns and torque tightening of the foundation bolts to secure the lamp posts.

The main reception building is also starting to take shape as the bricks for the main building arrived on site, and the first layer of the building’s foundations are ready, and the drainage is also starting to take shape. The construction of the scaffolding surrounding the main buildings on the start has been completed which will allow the brickwork to begin in earnest and this task should be completed by the end of the week.

The perimeter palisade fencing is now on site, and the installation of this vital feature has started. To make way for the perimeter fence, the existing front wall is also set to be demolished to make way for a new wall which will feature at the entrance to the car park.

Some of the pictures taken during Week 16 of construction at Glasgow Airport Car Park.