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Week 14 Update

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Development at the Glasgow Airport Car Park site has now entered its fourteenth week, and we are now starting to make great strides towards the car parks completion. To date, Aston Darby has now spent £925,780.43 on the project as a whole, and the progress over the last two weeks has been extremely promising.

The damp-proof membrane, which is applied to the concrete foundation to prevent moisture transmission, has arrived at the site and is ready to be installed. Furthermore, additional materials have also been delivered to the Harbour Road site, and the construction team will soon start implementing these materials.

Some of the pictures taken during Week 14 of construction at Glasgow Airport Car Park.

The new deliveries to the site include sand to help make new concrete mix, steel to be used on the construction of the buildings on the site and a vast network electrical cables to be used for all the electrical systems including lamp posts, CCTV cameras, automatic number plate recognition cameras and the cabling boxes. Aston Darby has also received the bricks to be used for the buildings and the perimeter wall.


The final pour of reinforced concrete foundations took place this week, which means that we are now able to move onto the underbuilds. As a result of this, all the remaining ducting and pipeworks for water, waste, telecoms and power will be now be installed and will soon be ready for connection. Once this task has been completed, the damp-proof membrane and final capping slab which sits on top of the concrete foundation will be installed.

Lastly, lighting columns have arrived at the site and they will be moved into position this week with installation expected to start in the next two to three weeks, with each one taking time to install because each weighs over half a tonne.