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Week 12 Update

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Development on the Glasgow Airport Car Park site has now entered its twelfth week, and good progress is still being made. To date, Aston Darby has now spend £865,129.10 on the project, covering everything from preliminary site clearance to architects fees and new vehicles to be used once the car park is open.

All of the trench works, ducting and backfilling works have now been completed on site, meaning that the attention of the workforce can now turn to the refurbishment of the parking spaces and the construction of the new buildings needed for the car park.

Mass concrete foundations were poured this week to raise the foundation levels and provide a sturdy base for the construction to come. This week alone, a total of 80 tonnes of concrete were poured, and the steel reinforcements for the concrete foundation have arrived onsite and are ready to be installed when concrete pouring resumes next week.

The laying of the data and power cabling for the CCTV and lighting system were completed this week, and the lights themselves are due to be delivered and installed early next week.

Following the results of the ground investigation report, a low level of asbestos was unfortunately discovered on the site; however, the team were quick to respond and deal with the issue. The site is now clear of any traces of asbestos and building will commence this week and start with the pouring of the concrete foundation. Aston Darby took this task very seriously given the implications, and the full government-recommend procedures were followed to completely remove any remaining asbestos on the site (details of which can be found here).

Significant works have also been progressed in the form of the data and power cabling for the CCTV system this week ahead of its installation in the weeks to come.