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Understanding Car Park Investments

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Understanding Car Park Investments_Industry News_News_Header Image | Aston Darby

Before heading into any financial commitment, it’s vital that you grasp how it works and what can stand to gain from investing. This is equally true for anyone looking to invest in a car parking space, as it’s important to understand what will be required from you, how it will return a yield, and how the investment is managed.

How Do Car Park Investments Work?

When you invest in a car park through Aston Darby, you are buying into the car park and are thus indebted a share of its profits. Unlike other forms of investment, there are no additional fees to be paid after the initial investment. A specially-appointed management company handles the day-to-day management of the car park. At the end of each year, the dividends are paid out to the pool of investors.

How Do Car Park Investments Return A Yield?

Aston Darby offers a guaranteed return for the first three years after you purchase a space of 11% NET, meaning that you can expect £8,250 over the course of these first three years. There is a myriad of factors that will influence how car park investments change in the future, with the most common influences being inflation, market value, and trade agreements.

Keeping a close eye on news that could influence the investment is crucial to yield a good return, and identifying which factors will be more pivotal than others is something to bear in mind.

Who Manages The Investment?

Despite the guaranteed yields, investors will want assurances that the yield will grow in years to come, and the best way of ensuring a good return on the initial investment is to manage the assets well. This may occur in the form of effective cost management at the car park site itself, for example introducing means to reduce running costs, or by promoting the car park through special offers and marketing.

When you invest in a car parking space with Aston Darby, you become a de facto director of the company. The day-to-day running of the car park is handled by a management company which takes care of tasks such as security, payment collection and general maintenance on the site.

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